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Workshop Series

Newbie Series

New to PixInsight or want shorten your learning curve? Our 7-part recorded Newbie Workshop series is designed to take you from a simple 11-step processing workflow and build on those steps. Each workshop contains Imaging Data and Process Icon sets to let you follow along step-by-step. You'll then be able to use these customized Process Icons on your own data. 

It's all here for you, step by step!

Acquisition Best Practices

This new addition to our beginner series will help you get optimum results during acquisition of your imaging data. We’ll look at imaging strategies that will make the best use of your equipment, given the realities of your imaging conditions.

Weighted Batch Preprocessing Script Deep Dive

The powerful Weighted Batch Preprocessing (WBPP) script is the most streamlined way to perform preprocessing in PixInsight. The masters output by WBPP are the starting point for rendering beautiful deep-sky images in PixInsight.

PixInsight for Newbies

After a night of catching photons, you can hardly wait to see and share the cosmic beauty of your photographs! While many options for deep-sky image processing software exist, none can match PixInsight for its versatility. As a very powerful program, the learning curve can seem daunting to the new user, but we’d like to show you that it’s not! In this workshop, we’ll take the mystery out of PixInsight, and show you how to produce pleasing results in just a few, simple steps.

Next Steps for Newbies

This is a continuation of our PixInsight for Newbies workshop. Now that you have begun to harness PixInsight’s powerful toolkit, it’s time to take it up a notch. In “Next Steps for Newbies”, Ron and Warren will expand on the basic workflow with the following powerful tools and techniques for both One-shot Color (OSC) and Monochrome cameras.

Dialing Down The Noise

This workshop covers the various settings available to optimize MultiscaleLinearTransform for noise reduction of linear images, SCNR for color images, and TGVDenoise for nonlinear images. We also introduce the artificial intelligence-powered “NoiseXterminator” process developed by Russell Croman.

Dialing Up The Detail

In this workshop, Ron and Warren will explore several methods for pulling detail from your deep sky image. We’ll cover deconvolution and sharpening, along with tools for getting the most from high-dynamic-range images. We'll also explore processes and scripts for selectively enhancing structures in images.

Masks Unmasked

In this installment of the Newbie workshop series reveals the full power of including masks to add fine control to your processing workflow.

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