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PixInsight Primer

In 2014, Warren produced five landmark 'Primer' videos, kicking off the PI Foundations Part-1 series. Our 'Primer' videos, reflect the version 1.8. Ripley's cosmetics and functionality. These 'Primers' are designed to get you comfortable with PI's interface.

If you're new to, here you'll find previews of our Video Tutorials. Sample our tutorials and see why we've been a top resource for learning Image Processing, and PIxInsight since 2005.


Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions

IP4AP is a PixInsight-centric resource for astro-imagers, featuring an 'all you can eat buffet' of video content! Also found here are tutorials on Photoshop, MaxIm DL, Astroart, and others. Get access to exclusive content via our subscription service, featuring image data, projects, workflow crib sheets, New Instance PI process icons, tips and tricks.

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PixInsight Primer Series

Part-1 Introduction to the User Interface, PI Community, Automatic Updates, Global Preferences, Toolbars, Explorer Windows, Menus 7:22min

Part-2 The User Interface continued- Explorer Windows, Tool Bars, Overall functionality 7:34min

Part-3 The User Interface continued- the Screen Transfer Function, New Instances 6:47min

Part-4 The User Interface continued- Processes, Previews, Real Time Previews, Intro to Masks 6:59min

Part-5 The User Interface continued- More Masks, the Process Container, and the Image Container 4:57min

Tutorial Previews

GAME Script- A brand new tool by Hartmut Bornemann makes building masks a cinch- this one's a 'game changer' folks! 2:40min 

GAME Script 2020- Is the latest version of Hartmut Bornemann's mask editing script with an extremely significant new addition, rendering advanced mask making a breeze! 2:58min

WBPP 2.0 Part-1- is an introduction to the changes and improvements to the WeightedBatchPreprocessing script. Part-2 will present a few examples of the new Control Panel and grouping features. 12:48min

PI-13 Nonlinear-7 The new TGVDenoise process is profiled. 7:31min

PI-15 Narrowband-1 begins our 6-part miniseries on Narrowband image processing. After an introduction to the major palettes, we use PixelMath, LRGBCombination, and ChannelCombination, to assemble Ha, OIII, and SII images into a Master file. 5:12min

Workshop Previews

These are previews of a snippets from, and our 'Newbie' Virtual Workshop series. The focus of these workshops is to take you from absolute beginner to intermediate processor over the course of a few months.


Workshops are a separate offering from the IP4AP Tutorials 

Workflow Series

'One-on-one sessions' with Warren. Join him as he shares his 'insights' into how to create beautiful astro-art. We have complete processing session featuring Narrowband processing, HaLRGB processing and many more examples.


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