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In 2021, became part of Masters of (MOP). With the launch of MOP in 2020, Warren Keller, Pete Proulx, and Ron Brecher teamed up to deliver ‘Virtual Workshops,’ covering deep-sky image processing with PixInsight. The combined power of MOP and IP4AP will offer an educational nexus for all things PixInsight. We will continue to offer our award-winning IP4AP tutorials by subscription, along with the option to subscribe to Masters of PixInsight’s Virtual Workshops. Thanks for stopping by!

Warren Keller & Peter Proulx


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Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions is a PixInsight-centric resource for astro-imagers, featuring an 'all you can eat buffet' of video content! Also found here are legacy tutorials on Photoshop, MaxIm DL, Astroart, and others. Get access to exclusive content via our subscription service, featuring image data, projects, workflow crib sheets, New Instance PI process icons, tips and tricks.

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Whether a beginner, a journeyman, or an advanced user needing to brush up on a particular process- you'll find it here!

PixInsight Foundations Part-1, 2 & 3


If you're new to PixInsight, begin with our PixInsight Foundations Series. Over 70 tutorials will take you from understanding PixInsight's interface through processing a final image. These tutorials are scripted and average about 5 minutes, getting right to the point. These will be invaluable reference materials to help you master PixInsight.  

Part-1 of our PixInsight tutorial series will get you comfortable navigating in PixInsight. You'll learn how to Reduce, Align, and Combine quality master files; and while still in the linear space: repair Gradients with ABE and DBE, achieve proper color balance with ColorCalibration, and restore sharpness with Deconvolution.

In Part-2 of our PixInsight tutorial series, we'll perform permanent, nonlinear stretches, reduce noise, develop amazing detail, and perform many other enhancements using the power of multiscale wavelets transformations. 

Part-3 of our PixInsight tutorial series moves on to more advanced topics. Among those covered will be: HDR composition, building mosaics, multiscale processing via wavelets, Narrowband image processing, and further refinement of techniques involving Masks, PixelMath, etc. Also featured is a recap of earlier concepts detailed in Part-1 and 2, providing the much needed Context and Chronology - the what to do, and when to do it.

PixInsight Reloaded

The PI Reloaded series is an update to our PixInsight Foundations series. With over 50 tutorials, Reloaded documents the many changes and improvements to the various tools of the latest version of PixInsight, and also clarifies and corrects concepts from the Foundations series. Each video features one or more updates to new processes, scripts, or techniques. 

Workflow Series

The PixInsight Workflow series features 'one-on-one sessions' with Warren. Join him as he shares his 'insights' into how to create beautiful astro-art. We have complete processing sessions featuring Narrowband processing, HaLRGB processing and many more examples.

Workshop Snippets

These 'Snippets' are segments taken from our Masters Of, Virtual Workshops. They complete PixInsight processes and techniques demonstrated during our live workshops. The focus of these workshops is to take you from absolute beginner to intermediate processor.

Legacy Processing Software

As an added bonus, we've also included our award-wining Photoshop Foundations Series, as well as our Soup to Nuts series. While we pride ourselves on being the Premier PixInsight-Centric resource, Photoshop can complement PI in putting the finishing touches on an artful image. Soup to Nuts walks you through pre-processing theory, and practically applies it to MaxIm DL and Astroart. It also provides an update on earlier releases of Photoshop CS.