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Artful Imaging Our Take


June 11, 2024


2-Hour Virtual Workshop

Our Beginner and Intermediate workshop series told you which levers to pull, and when. Now, as an advanced PI user, it’s time to explore your creativity in our new Artful Imaging series. These live, interactive workshops will use different approaches to hone your artistic eye, particularly in the later stages of your processing workflow.

  • Your take: Participants will each process the same set of master frames, which will be provided one week prior to the workshop. We’ll look at as many of your results as there is time for, and provide suggestions for enhancement. (Presented April 2, 2024)

  • Our take: Participants will submit their own PI projects containing final image(s) ahead of time. A few will be selected and reviewed in detail from an aesthetic perspective, including both composition and processing.

  • ‘Mr Fix-It’:  Participants will submit image processing challenges ahead of time. A few will be selected and explored in detail. (Scheduled for September 17, 2024)

Since we’d like these workshops to be interactive, attendance will be limited to the first 25 registrations. As always, the workshop will be recorded and accessible for unlimited viewing. Sign up early, as this is expected to be a very popular series!


Attendees of this workshop will receive the following:

-  Image files that are used in the virtual workshop

-  An opportunity to win a door prize from our generous sponsors

-  Unlimited access to workshop recording, project file and icons

Unlimited Access $100USD

We'll be using Gotomeeting for this Virtual Workshop.

You will need to download the free application here:


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