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Our online Workshops are dedicated to showing you the most important tools and settings needed to create jaw-dropping astrophotos!  Working directly with Warren and Ron, and practicing with the resources provided, you’ll move from beginner to experienced user in no time. Our goal is to make you a Master of PixInsight!

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Our Next Workshop

Mosaics and Other Special Techniques


June 6, 2023


Unlimited Access $35.00 USD

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Image Processing for Astrophotography (IP4AP)

IP4AP Tutorials are now part of

Masters of PixInsight

These Tutorials are a perfect companion to our Workshops. We have hundreds of hours of short 5-10 minute tutorials focused on a specific process or topic. 

Whether a beginner, a journeyman, or an advanced user needing to brush up on a particular process- you'll find it here! This is where we provide the latest information on new processes and PixIsnight's latest releases. 

Searchable by topic, you'll find this a great resource and reference to use with your day-to-day processing.

Our IP4AP Tutorials are a separate purchase from our Workshop Series and can be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription. 


For Members Only:


PixInsight is evolving, and so are we! We’ve added a new benefit exclusively for Workshop and IP4AP members . Our new ‘Quick Tips’ are FREE quarterly workshops- our way of thanking you for your support. These fast-paced, 1-hour sessions will cover important updates and enhancements to PixInsight. 


June 20, 2023

7 PM-8 PM

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Quick Tips #9

Exploring overlooked and underused processes and scripts. PixInsight includes hundreds of standard processes and scripts, with updates and user
contributed scripts added regularly. In th
is workshop, Ron and Warren will highlight
some overlooked and underused processes and scripts that will expand and enhance
your processing workflow. They’ll dig deep into PixInsight’s toolbox to show you some useful tools and techniques that lie buried in the sub-menu tree.

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