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Acquisition Best Practices


Recorded Workshop

This new addition to our beginner series will help you get optimum results during acquisition of your imaging data. We’ll look at imaging strategies that will make the best use of your equipment, given the realities of your imaging conditions. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Optimizing image scale for deep-sky imaging

  • Setting camera readout mode, gain, and offset

  • Choosing an exposure length

  • Acquiring calibration frames:  how, how many, how often?

  • Monochrome strategies:  RRRGGGBBB vs RGBRGBRGB

  • Mosaic strategies: one pane each night vs all frames each night

  • Acquiring RGB stars to use in narrowband color images

  • Focusing: how, how often

  • Rotators: to rotate or not?

  • Guiding – how good is good enough?



Attendees of this workshop will receive the following: 

  • Image files that are used in the virtual workshop

  • Updated process icon set to use on your own data

  • An opportunity to win a door prize from our generous sponsors

Unlimited Access $35.00 USD

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