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Next Steps for Newbies


Recorded Workshop

This is a continuation of our PixInsight for Newbies workshop. Now that you've begun to harness PixInsight’s powerful toolkit, it’s time to take it up a notch. In 'Next Steps for Newbies,' Ron and Warren will expand on the basic workflow with the following powerful tools and techniques for both One-Shot Color (OSC) and Monochrome cameras:

  • Adding CosmeticCorrection to preprocessing to eliminate hot pixels

  • Superior background modelization with DynamicBackgroundExtraction

  • Spectrally-based color balance using PhotometricColorCalibration

  • Making a mask for precision noise reduction and color saturation


Whether you use an OSC or a Monochrome camera, these enhancements to your workflow will help you get the most from your nights under the stars.




Attendees of this workshop will receive the following:

  • Two full data sets including lights, darks, biases, and flats

  • EXPANDED process icon sets to use on your own data

  • An ENHANCED basic workflow to help you create your own great images



Warren Keller and Ron Brecher have teamed up to deliver a series of information-packed Virtual Workshops covering deep-sky image processing with PixInsight. Each session will help you learn about the most important tools and settings needed to create jaw-dropping astrophotos. Working with Ron and Warren, and practicing with the resources provided, will help you move confidently from beginner to experienced user.


Unlimited Access $35.00

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