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Photons to Photos #18

the Heart and Soul Nebula

December 12, 2023      7:00 pm EST

Processing the Clouds of Auriga
(IC 405, 410, and 417)
including the 'Tadpoles' and
'Flaming Star' Nebulae 

From time to time, Warren or Ron demonstrates a complete workflow from beginning to end. The other instructor monitors the chat box and answers questions on-the-fly. This allows participants to see the entire post-processing workflow from beginning to end, learning how Warren and Ron use various processes, scripts, masks and settings in context.


In Photons to Photos #18, Ron will process monochrome Ha and RGB data on a beautiful, nebula-filled field in Auriga that is well suited to shorter focal lengths. IC 410 includes the famous 'Tadpoles,' and 'Flaming Star' nebula. In January, it is well placed for imaging from mid-northern latitudes. Ron collected this data from his home observatory, 'The Doghouse.'  


Beginners will get a glimpse at some advanced tools and techniques that will be covered in upcoming workshops.


Seasoned image processors will pick up new ideas and techniques to expand their toolkit and improve your results.


All attendees of these workshops will receive the following:

·       A PixInsight project containing all images and icons used during the workshop

·       UNLIMITED ACCESS to a video recording of the workshop


Unlimited Access $35.00 USD

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