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Our Next Live Workshop

Artful Imaging Our Take

June 11, 2024

Enjoy Our Free Workshop Preview Below

All of our 'Live' Workshops are recorded for later Unlimited Playback. When you purchase any of our recorded workshops, you'll have exclusive access from our Members Access page. Each workshop includes recordings of all sessions held for that particular workshop, this will include any future workshops. Your purchase keeps you future proof as PixInsight evolves. Workshops also include Image data sets and process Icons where applicable.   


Recorded Newbie Series

New to PixInsight or want shorten your learning curve? Our 5-part recorded Newbie Workshop series is designed to take you from a simple 11-step processing workflow and build on those steps. Each workshop contains Imaging Data and Process Icon sets to let you follow along step-by-step. You'll then be able to use these customized Process Icons on your own data.  More information...


Recorded Intermediate Series

Experienced with PixInsight or want to dig in deeper? Our 4-part Intermediate series goes deeper into processing and special techniques. More information...

Recorded Photons to Photos  Series

From time to time, we'll have Warren or Ron demonstrate a complete workflow from beginning to end. We'll supply you with the Data Sets and Process Icons so you can process along and observe the steps and techniques used. Look over the shoulder of these PixInsight Ambassadors, and get a peek into how and why they make their image processing decisions. More information...

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PixInsight for Newbies
Recorded Workshop

After a night of catching photons, you can hardly wait to see and share the cosmic beauty of your photographs! While many options for deep-sky image processing software exist, none can match PixInsight for its versatility. As a very powerful program, the learning curve can seem daunting to the new user, but we’d like to show you that it’s not! In this workshop, we’ll take the mystery out of PixInsight, and show you how to produce pleasing results in just a few, simple steps.

Newbies Workshop Preview

This workshop was recorded on:

October 10, 2023

Contact Pete Proulx if you have any questions - (USA) 716-864-7400

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