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Working With Narrowband Data


Recorded Workshop

In their Virtual Workshop series, Ron and Warren have focused on natural-color images acquired with broadband filters that capture all wavelengths from red to blue. Narrowband filters isolate the light emitted by specific elements – mainly hydrogen sulfur, and oxygen – providing new options for capturing supernova remnants and emission nebulae. This approach can reveal not only the structures of these objects, but also their underlying chemistry. It can produce stunning results even in severely light polluted skies. The newest multi-bandpass filters now make narrowband imaging viable for one-shot color cameras, too.

In this workshop, Ron and Warren will show you how to get the most from your narrowband data sets, with or without broadband color. We’ll build on the tools we’ve used previously, focusing on:

  • Narrowband Palettes – Hubble (SHO), Canada-France-Hawaii telescope (HOS), HOO

  • Filter Options – for Monochrome and One-Shot Color Cameras

  • Adjusting Hues  – to get the color palette you want

  • Adding Narrowband to Broadband Images --  to enhance natural-color images

  • Adding Broadband to Narrowband Images – to give stars a more natural appearance


These techniques can be used with narrowband data from one-shot color and monochrome astronomical cameras, as well as DSLRs. For many of these methods, we’ll use and build upon the tools and techniques introduced in our previous workshops.




Attendees of this workshop will receive the following:

  • A PixInsight project containing all images and icons used during the workshop

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to a video recording of the workshop



Warren Keller and Ron Brecher have teamed up to deliver a series of information-packed Virtual Workshops covering deep-sky image processing with PixInsight. Each carefully-planned session helps you learn about the most important tools and settings needed to create jaw-dropping astrophotos.  Working with Ron and Warren, and practicing with the resources provided, will help you move confidently from beginner to experienced user.


Unlimited Access $35.00 USD

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