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Mosaics and Other Special Techniques


Recorded Workshop

This workshop will be delivered in two parts:

Part 1 – Mosaics: Have you ever wanted to image a deep-sky object that was larger than your camera’s field of view? Using a smaller telescope is an option, but usually at the expense of resolution. Instead, you can stitch multiple panes together to make a seamless mosaic of a larger region. The sky really is the limit! We’ll show you how to use these essential mosaic-making tools:

  • StarAlignment – options and settings used for making a mosaic template and preparing panes for merging into a mosaic

  • GradientMergeMosaic – to combine multiple mosaic panes prepared with StarAlignment


Part 2 – Special Sauce: You can add these steps to your workflow, as appropriate, to enhance your images further. We’ll show you where they fit in with the workflow that we have covered in previous workshops.

  • MorphologicalTransformation – change the size and/or shape of stars

  • ExponentialTransformation – bring up faint details outside your main object

  • Repaired HSV Separation Script – correct color mismatches in star centers


These techniques can be used with narrowband data from one-shot color and monochrome astronomical cameras, as well as DSLRs. For many of these methods, we’ll use and build upon the tools and techniques introduced in our previous workshops.




Attendees of this workshop will receive the following:

  • A PixInsight project containing all images and icons used during the workshop

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to a video recording of the workshop



Warren Keller and Ron Brecher have teamed up to deliver a series of information-packed Virtual Workshops covering deep-sky image processing with PixInsight. Each carefully-planned session helps you learn about the most important tools and settings needed to create jaw-dropping astrophotos.  Working with Ron and Warren, and practicing with the resources provided, will help you move confidently from beginner to experienced user.


Unlimited Access $35.00 USD

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