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WBPP V2 Script

We've posted resources to help you better understand the Weighted Batch Preprocessing script  

While you are here...

If you are not already a member check-out our recorded Workshop series. We just completed a five part 'Newbie' series that takes a step-by-step approach for those new to PixInsight. 

WBPP 2.0 Part-1- is an introduction to the changes and improvements to the WeightedBatchPreprocessing script. 12:48min

WBPP 2.0 Part-2- introduces the Control Panel and Grouping features. 15:31min

WBPP 2.0 Part-3- continues with the Control Panel and Grouping features. 10:42min 

This tutorial was published on 12-13-2019 and is referred to in our latest video on WBPP Version 2.

WBPP V1 Script- By Roberto Sartori, Tommaso Rubechi, and the AstroTest Italian Community, is a major contribution to PixInsight preprocessing. 14:43min

Contact Pete Proulx if you have any questions - (USA) 716-864-7400

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