Soup to Nuts

Soup to Nuts walks you through pre-processing theory, and practically applies it to MaxIm DL and Astroart. As an added bonus, it also provides an update on earlier releases of Photoshop CS. 

Please note that Soup to Nuts is part of our 'Legacy' series of tutorials and very dated. The information in most cases are still valid for many of the techniques presented. We provide them here as a courtesy to our subscribers. 

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S/N = Soup to Nuts

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PCSoft27.png

SN-2 CS5 Part-1  a CS4-5 Primer, 32/64-bit installation and Plugins, Workspace presets, Panels. 3:55min

SN-3 CS5 Part-2 Adjustment Layers and the Adjustments Panel- major features covered: Auto-Hide, Clipping Layers, Masks Panel, 'Show Clipping', On-Screen Control. 4:57min 

SN-4 CS5 Part-3 Smart Filters, Image tabs, Keyboard shortcut changes, File/Automate (Lens Correction and Merge to HDR Pro), Tool improvements. 4:43min 

SN-5 Preprocessing Part 1 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software. 5:21min

SN-6 Preprocessing Part 2 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software. 4:48min 

SN-7 Astroart-1  Intro to Astroart, and Tools/Preprocessing- Files/Options/Extra, Bad column repair. 5:02min 

SN-8 Astroart-2  Preprocessing's Options tab- new 'Reject Bad Images', aligning and combining settings. 6:44min 

SN-9 Astroart-3  CCD Color Synthesis (Debayering) settings, DSLR RAW. 5:10min 

SN-10 Astroart-4  Debayering DSLR RAW in Adobe Photoshop CS5, One-Shot-Color Flats explained. 2:51min 

SN-11 Astroart-5  One-Shot-Color Preprocessing, Defect Mapping. 3:51min 

SN-12 Astroart-6  Monochromatic Preprocessing, Color Menu- Trichromy, LRGB Synthesis. 5:46min 

SN-13 Astroart-7  Pseudo Luminance, Maximum Entropy and Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution. 5:31min 

SN-14 Astroart-8  For the first time, Astroart 5's new 'Remove gradient' and 'Cosmetic' filters are detailed.  Adaptive vignetting and gradient repair, satellite trail removal, star bloat and star elongation fixes. 5:29min 

SN-15 Astroart-9  DDP (Digital Development Process), Log stretch, Curves,  Levels, the Color Menu. 5:59min 

SN-16 Astroart-10  Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, Unsharp Mask, the Arithmetic menu, Edit/Pixels, FITS orientation and other editing tools. 6:03min 

SN-17 MaxIm DL-1  Intro to MaxIm, Process/Stack and the Calibration Wizard. 4:25min 

SN-18 MaxIm DL-2  Remove Bad Pixels, Debayering CCD and DSLR RAW, One-Shot-Color Flats, Deblooming NABG data. 4:32min 

SN-19 MaxIm DL-3  Stack's Select/Quality/Align tab settings. 4:22min 

SN-20 MaxIm DL-4  Stack's Color/Combine tab settings, Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution. 4:52min 

SN-21 MaxIm DL-5  UFI (Uneven Field Illumination) repair with Auto Remove, Auto Flatten Background, and Flatten Background, MaxIm's Preview window features. 5:52min 

SN-22 MaxIm DL-6  DDP, RGB Trichromy, Log stretch, Curves, Linear 16-bit Saves. 5:08min 

SN-23 MaxIm DL-7  The Color Menu- Color Balance, Color Adjust, Realign Planes, Adjust Saturation, Pixel Range Restriction, Information Window, Color Smoothing. 3:24min 

SN-24 MaxImDL-8  The Filter Menu- FFT, Kernel, and Wavelet filters- High and Low-Pass, Unsharp Mask, and Gaussian Blur; Part-1 wrap-up. 3:35min