PixInsight Reloaded

The PI Reloaded series is an update to our earlier PixInsight Foundations series. Reloaded documents the many changes and improvements to the various tools of version 1.8.5, and also clarifies and corrects concepts from the Foundations series. PixInsight Reloaded Part-1 is now complete! Each video features one or more updates to new processes, scripts, or techniques.

PixInsight Reloaded Course Materials

The folder(s) below contains the materials that are referenced in this series:

  • PixInsight Sample Workflows

  • Warren's New Instance Process Icons

PixInsight Reloaded Tutorials

Introduction- What's new at IP4AP.com 5:47min

PixInsight Version 1.8.5 Ripley- Kicks off our introduction to the latest and greatest version of PI. 2:24min


Debayer- Has been improved with batch capability, and one additional convenience for DSLR users. 1:05min

DSLR Fine Points- Speaks to newer DSLR imagers to clear up some of the misconceptions concerning preprocessing one-shot color data acquired with modified digital single lens reflex cameras. 4:42min

PhotometricColorCalibration- A brand new process, which may replace standard ColorCalibration in your workflow. PCC plate solves your color master before calibrating it to the actual spectral types of stars in the field. 5:21min

ColorMask Script- Rick Stevenson's brilliant new script let's you target specific colors. 3:02min

One-Shot Color Narrowband Preprocessing shows you two different ways of extracting the best data from your narrowband frames, taken with an OSC/DSLR camera. 3:21min