Photoshop Intermediate

Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part 2 is the next step towards mastery of Photoshop for Astro-Image Processing.

Please note that Photoshop Intermediate is part of our 'Legacy' series of tutorials and very dated. The information in most cases are still valid for many of the techniques presented. We provide them here as a courtesy to our subscribers. 

Series Quick Links

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PCSoft27.png

PS-1 Introduction to Photoshop Intermediate Part-2 - A tour of the universe set to beautiful music, sets the stage for the next adventure in mastering Astrophotographic Processing. 3:06min 

PS-2 The Kitchen - Like a great meal, a great image is only as good as the chef, but also only as good as 'the kitchen'. Warren discusses the Photoshop Working Space , Monitor Calibration, and the innovations of CS3 and CS4. 4:14min 

PS-3 Color - The methodology and philosophy of today's Chrominance with Monochrome and One-Shot CCDs (DSLR too!). 3:11min

PS-4 Color Bias - Understanding and Eliminating the preliminary threat to beautiful color. 

PS-5 Color Balance - With Bias eliminated, the subtle nuances of achieving perfect color balance are discussed. 6:28min 

PS-6 Color Saturation - The first of The Five Ss- Saturating. The latest methods for achieving rich, beautiful color are discussed. 4:24min 

PS-7 Selecting-1 - Learn the Secrets of Selecting through the use of Masks to effect changes only where they are wanted! Conceal-All Masks are covered. 6:35min 

PS-8 Selecting-2 - Threshold Masks 5:11min 

PS-9 Selecting-3 - Reveal-All and Inverted Masks 5:16min 

PS-10 Stretching - Having covered Curves extensively, we look at the Shadow/Highlight command as a powerful, nonlinear manipulator of the histogram. 5:38min

PS-11 Sharpening-1 - The philosophy and methodology of Sharpening. Learn Photoshop's powerful sharpening filters to bring out fine detail- Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, and Edge Sharpening. 6:48min 

PS-12 Sharpening-2 - The High Pass Filter, Focus Magic and other Plugins, Deconvolution, Wavelets, and Selective Sharpening. 5:48min 

PS-13 Sharpening-3 - Dust Lane Enhancement, and Star Removal are demonstrated. 6:35min  

PS-14 Stars - Make these forgotten 'stars' shine! Beautiful stars with Star Shaping, Shrinking, and Softening. 5:56min 

PS-15 More Stars - Further enhance these beauties with Local Saturating and Sharpening. Also covers fixing Trailed Stars. 4:47min 

PS-16 Smoothing - Noise Reduction filters are covered, including Reduce Noise, Neat Image, Despeckle, etc. 6:40min 

PS-17 Saving - Yes, another 'S'! Saving for Archive, Web, Print Preparation, Resampling, NIK Sharpener, etc. 4:56min 

PS-18 Bonus - Information on excellent Plugins, New Photoshop Tricks and Tips. An introduction to the Next Series- 'S/N' (not Signal/Noise- Soup to Nuts!). Next round we'll take (Included) Master Files and take them from Preprocessing to Postprocessing to Printing! 6:56min