Photoshop Intermediate

Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part 1 is the next step towards mastery of Photoshop for Astro-Image Processing.

Please note that Photoshop Intermediate is part of our 'Legacy' series of tutorials and very dated. The information in most cases are still valid for many of the techniques presented. We provide them here as a courtesy to our subscribers. 

Series Quick Links

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PCSoft27.png

1. The Nature of the Beast - What's your chosen photon capture device? See how the nature of your 'beast' affects Post Processing. 7:15min

2. The Assembly Line - Learn the easiest method of assembling an L-R-G-B.  5:58min 

3. Luminance - Begin using the power of non-linear Curves to bring out the full tonal range of your photographs.  7:40min 

4. UFI - An introduction to Uneven Field Illumination due to light gradients and natural vignetting.  5:24min 

5. Avy Agee Radial - Demonstrates the repair of Vignetting using the Radial Gradient Tool.  10:12min 

6. Avy Agee II - Demonstrates the repair of Uneven Field Illumination using the Subtraction Method.  6:35min 

7. Avy Agee III - Demonstrates the repair of a Linear Gradient using the Linear Gradient Tool. 5:26min 

8. Avy Agee IV - Demonstrates the repair of a severe Light Pollution Gradient using GradientXTerminator. 8:23min 

9. Dangerous Curves - A master class in those intimidating Curves. 7:06min 

10. Curve Confidence - Pick up speed on Curves with new found confidence. 6:05min 

11. DDP The Digital Development Process - A Quick Start into Postprocessing. 5:01min 

12. Recap - Review of Part 1, and Introduction to Photoshop Intermediate Part-2. 1:29min