Photoshop Basics

This is where to begin! Adobe Photoshop Basics walks you through Photoshop step by step, with an emphasis on Astrophotography. Twenty-One Video Tutorials comprise this first series of IP4AP's Online Visual Learning.

Please note that Photoshop Basics is part of our 'Legacy' series of tutorials and very dated. The information in most cases are still valid for many of the techniques presented. We provide them here as a courtesy to our subscribers. 

Series Quick Links

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PCSoft27.png

1. Settings and Preferences - Assigning Color Spaces and preparing Photoshop for use. 3:09min 

2. Photoshop Workspace - Advantages of CS, FITS readers, Intro to Palettes, Managing the Workspace. 2:29min

3. Navigation - Navigator Palette, Keyboard Shortcuts. 4:11min 

4. We Want Information - History Palette- History States, Logs, Snapshots, New Documents. 4:47min 

5. The Histogram - Histogram Palette- Cache Refresh, Clipping, Combing, Spiking. 6:11min 

6. History - History Palette- History States, Logs, Snapshots, New Documents. 4:31min 

7. We Want Actions - Actions Palette- Sets, Actions, Dialog, Recording, Editing. 5:12mi

8. Channels - Visibility, Highlighting, Merge/Split, RGB/L/ab Modes, Selection as New Channel. 5:54min 

9. Layers - Layers Palette- Adjustment Layers, Destructive Edits, Blend Modes, Opacity. 4:31min 

10. More Layers - L-RGB Assembly, Layer Groups, Flattening, PSDs, Layer via Copy. 5:00min 

11. Tools I - Tools Palette- Marquee, Move, Lasso, and Hidden Tools; Feathering,Tool Settings. 6:09min 

12. Tools II - Magic Wand, Crop, and Clone Tools. 6:20min

13. Tools III - Gradient, Multi-Purpose, Notes, Eyedropper redux, Hand, and Zoom Tools. 5:05min 

14. Menus I - File and Edit Menus- Opening and Saving, Edit/Fade, Undo/Redo. 5:57min 

15. Menus II - Image and Layer Menus- Modes, Adjustments, Dupes, Resizing, Adjustment Layers. 7:21min 

16. Menus III - More Layers, Select Menu- Deselect/Reselect, Masks, Color Range, Modify, Feathe. 6:12min 

17. Menus IV - Select Inverse, Filter Menu- Smoothing, USM, Minimum Filters, and Plugins. 7:06min test 

18. Menus V - View Menu- Proofing, More Navigation. 4:38min 

19. Menus VI - Window Menu- Customizing the Workspace; Help Menu- Adobe Help Center. 2:44min 

20. Almost There - Series Review, and Processing Methodology- L/RGB. 3:20min 

21. Bonus - Healing Brush, Dust and Scratches, High Pass, and Offset Filters, More Layers. 5:20min