Part-1 of our PixInsight tutorial series will get you comfortable navigating in PixInsight. You'll learn how to Reduce, Align, and Combine quality master files; and while still in the linear space: repair Gradients with ABE and DBE, achieve proper color balance with ColorCalibration, and restore sharpness with Deconvolution.

Part-1 Course Materials

The folder(s) below contains the materials that are referenced in this series:

  • PixInsight Sample Workflows

  • Warren's New Instance Process Icons

  • WEB Links referenced in PixInsight Part-1

1. Settings and Preferences - Assigning Color Spaces and preparing Photoshop for use. 3:09min 

2. Photoshop Workspace - Advantages of CS, FITS readers, Intro to Palettes, Managing the Workspace. 2:29min

3. Navigation - Navigator Palette, Keyboard Shortcuts. 4:11min 

4. We Want Information - History Palette- History States, Logs, Snapshots, New Documents. 4:47min 

5. The Histogram - Histogram Palette- Cache Refresh, Clipping, Combing, Spiking. 6:11min 

6. History - History Palette- History States, Logs, Snapshots, New Documents. 4:31min 

7. We Want Actions - Actions Palette- Sets, Actions, Dialog, Recording, Editing. 5:12mi

8. Channels - Visibility, Highlighting, Merge/Split, RGB/L/ab Modes, Selection as New Channel. 5:54min 

9. Layers - Layers Palette- Adjustment Layers, Destructive Edits, Blend Modes, Opacity. 4:31min 

10. More Layers - L-RGB Assembly, Layer Groups, Flattening, PSDs, Layer via Copy. 5:00min 

11. Tools I - Tools Palette- Marquee, Move, Lasso, and Hidden Tools; Feathering,Tool Settings. 6:09min 

12. Tools II - Magic Wand, Crop, and Clone Tools. 6:20min

13. Tools III - Gradient, Multi-Purpose, Notes, Eyedropper redux, Hand, and Zoom Tools. 5:05min 

14. Menus I - File and Edit Menus- Opening and Saving, Edit/Fade, Undo/Redo. 5:57min 

15. Menus II - Image and Layer Menus- Modes, Adjustments, Dupes, Resizing, Adjustment Layers. 7:21min 

16. Menus III - More Layers, Select Menu- Deselect/Reselect, Masks, Color Range, Modify, Feathe. 6:12min 

17. Menus IV - Select Inverse, Filter Menu- Smoothing, USM, Minimum Filters, and Plugins. 7:06min test 

18. Menus V - View Menu- Proofing, More Navigation. 4:38min 

19. Menus VI - Window Menu- Customizing the Workspace; Help Menu- Adobe Help Center. 2:44min 

20. Almost There - Series Review, and Processing Methodology- L/RGB. 3:20min 

21. Bonus - Healing Brush, Dust and Scratches, High Pass, and Offset Filters, More Layers. 5:20min