IP4AP/MOP Yearly Member Migration

In 2021, IP4AP.com is becoming part of Masters of PixInsight.com (MOP). The combined power of MOP and IP4AP will offer an educational nexus for all things PixInsight. 

As a Yearly Member of IP4AP.com, who is also a member of Masters of PixInsight; we are manually transferring your membership to a subscription on Masters of PixInsight. The video below reviews how to access the IP4AP tutorials. We will also review the features of this new portion of the website.


There is no action required on your part, and you will receive a purchase confirmation email when we migrate your account. There is nothing charged to you. The email you receive is strictly for confirmation purposes. You will need to renew and add payment information if you wish to renew your subscription after it expires. 


This process will take some time, but you will have access to your subscriptions on both sites until September 25th.

As always, thank you for your continued support, and contact me if you have questions. 




peterproulx@gmail.com (716) 864-7400