Intermediate Part-1

Part-1 of our PixInsight tutorial series will get you comfortable navigating in PixInsight. You'll learn how to Reduce, Align, and Combine quality master files; and while still in the linear space: repair Gradients with ABE and DBE, achieve proper color balance with ColorCalibration, and restore sharpness with Deconvolution.

Part-1 Course Materials

The folder(s) below contains the materials that are referenced in this series:

  • PixInsight Sample Workflows

  • Warren's New Instance Process Icons

  • WEB Links referenced in PixInsight Part-1

1. The Nature of the Beast - What's your chosen photon capture device? See how the nature of your 'beast' affects Post Processing. 7:15min

2. The Assembly Line - Learn the easiest method of assembling an L-R-G-B.  5:58min 

3. Luminance - Begin using the power of non-linear Curves to bring out the full tonal range of your photographs.  7:40min 

4. UFI - An introduction to Uneven Field Illumination due to light gradients and natural vignetting.  5:24min 

5. Avy Agee Radial - Demonstrates the repair of Vignetting using the Radial Gradient Tool.  10:12min 

6. Avy Agee II - Demonstrates the repair of Uneven Field Illumination using the Subtraction Method.  6:35min 

7. Avy Agee III - Demonstrates the repair of a Linear Gradient using the Linear Gradient Tool. 5:26min 

8. Avy Agee IV - Demonstrates the repair of a severe Light Pollution Gradient using GradientXTerminator. 8:23min 

9. Dangerous Curves - A master class in those intimidating Curves. 7:06min 

10. Curve Confidence - Pick up speed on Curves with new found confidence. 6:05min 

11. DDP The Digital Development Process - A Quick Start into Postprocessing. 5:01min 

12. Recap - Review of Part 1, and Introduction to Photoshop Intermediate Part-2. 1:29min