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2-Hour Virtual Workshop


May 25, 2021

Over the past eight months, we’ve truly enjoyed sharing this PixInsight journey with you. So many of you have been with us since our first workshop, ‘PixInsight for Newbies.’ Our classes have been focused on helping you build workflows, using simple, step-by-step examples, to more complex ones.


For our next workshop, we’ve opened the floor up to you! Based on the requests we received, we’ve pulled a few common threads together to cover on May 25.


  • Wavelets:  What are they, and how are they used? This will have applications to noise reduction, sharpening, making masks, and more.

  • Background modelization – Getting into the finer details DBE, including how to compensate for missing flats, how to sample an image thoroughly, even in places where it is unwise to place a sample point.

  • Noise reduction:  How to dial in the right settings to remove noise before and after delinearization; when to use MURE Denoise script.

  • Special OSC topics:  Debayering (when and how), CFA Drizzle, and Superpixel

  • We'll show you again how to make and retrieve an icon set containing your processing steps, in the order you prefer.


Thanks for all of your support. We’ve had a blast working with all of you during the past year, as you become the Masters of PixInsight!

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$35.00 USD

To accommodate both our European and American friends, the workshop will be offered at 7 PM BST, and again at 7 PM EDT


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We will be using Gotomeeting for this Virtual Workshop.

You will need to download the free application here